Saturday, March 15, 2008

Want to volunteer for the Transplant Games? Information now posted!

Are you interested in joining the Foundation at the 2008 Transplant Games in Pittsburgh, PA? If so, click here to check out our website for more details.

We are thrilled to be a $30,000 corporate sponsor of the Games and are looking forward to a weekend of sisterhood and service July 12-14! Hope you can join us!

Friday, March 07, 2008

A new blog feature from your friends at the Foundation and Mannersmith

We are so excited to bring a new feature to the blog this year! The Foundation has teamed up with Jodi R. R. Smith, a proud Phi Sigma Sigma sister and founder of Mannersmith Etiquette Consulting, to bring you Jodi's monthly newsletter directly to our blog. You'll get tons of practical advice and learn just what to do in those sticky etiquette situations. We hope you enjoy Jodi's newsletter as much as we do!

Have We Met? A Guide to On-Line Introductions
Newsletter 77 / February 2008

Being that it is February, the commercials for the on-line dating sites have been in high rotation on both television and radio stations. We know in our modern, fast-paced society, on-line dating works. In addition to their own success rates which are loudly touted on their sites, a solid percentage of the wedding gifts I have purchased recently have been for couples who have met on-line. Now clearly, when someone posts a profile, whether it is on a dating site or on a professional networking site, they are willing to be contacted by strangers. However, sharing someone's professional or private contact information without their expressed permission can be fraught with peril. As with all things having to do with etiquette, there is a right way and a rude way to introduce two people via an e-mail introduction.

Proper Protocol for On-line Introductions

In this day and age, privacy is a high priority. We must be respectful of other people's contact information. Before connecting two people, you need to make sure both are willing to interact by following the guidelines below.

You and Jared were chatting and drinking coffee while discussing his latest project. You realize that your colleague Sadie has expertise to offer in this particular area, and you mention Sadie in your conversation. Jared says he does not know Sadie and requests an introduction (or you may have volunteered the introduction). You do NOT share Sadie's information with Jared on the spot.

When you are back in your office, you contact Sadie, briefly describe Jared and his project, and ask permission to facilitate an introduction.

Sadie has the option to decline the introduction. Sadie need not offer an explanation why.

If Sadie declines, you contact Jared and express regret for not being able to help.

If Sadie agrees, you contact Jared to share Sadie's contact information. If this is done by e-mail, Sadie should be cc'ed on the e-mail between you and Jared. You should also e-mail Sadie separately any contact information for Jared so that she is not caught off guard when Jared contacts her.

Once the e-mail has been received, it is then up to Jared, who requested the introduction, to contact Sadie with an introductory e-mail sometime over the next few days. In this first e-mail he can request a telephone conversation or introductory meeting.

Whether or not Sadie is helpful to Jared, Jared should be thanking you in some way shape or form for the introduction and thanking Sadie for being willing to try to help.

Need help with a thank you note? Check out Mannersmith's Thank You Note Wizard.

February is the month of interpersonal connections. Join in, take an active role. If you have two friends you think may fancy each other or two business buddies who should be in each other's contact database, do consider the proper and polite way to introduce them to each other by e-mail. Who knows, your "Jared & Sadie" may become life long friends or the best of business partners.

About Jodi R. R. Smith: Jodi R. R. Smith is a proud Phi Sigma Sigma sister from our Delta Beta chapter and has been promoting better behaviors since 1986. Ms. Smith is a dynamic presenter who has worked with organizations, corporations, educational institutions and individuals to increase their social savvy and confidence levels. Ms. Smith's background in motivational psychology and human resources has served to reaffirm her belief that proper manners and etiquette are an essential part of functioning successfully in today's world.

Ms. Smith received her Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from the University of Rochester and her Master's Degree in Industrial and Labor Relations from Cornell University. Ms. Smith is a human resources professional and an avid advocate of etiquette.

You can learn more about Jodi on her website at

Saturday, March 01, 2008

LA Leadership Conference Photos Now Posted!

Foundation Blog Reaches a Milestone!

This post represents the 100th post to the Phi Sigma Sigma Foundation Blog. The Foundation's Board of Directors would like to thank our faithful readers, donors and friends who regularly check the blog and submit content to be published.

We are proud to reach out to our friends in a meaningful and innovative way that better connects all of us to the Foundation and Phi Sigma Sigma.

Thank you for enjoying the blog with us!

March 3: International Badge Day

Join Supreme Council and the Foundation Board of Directors in celebrating International Badge Day on Monday, March 3 by wearing your badge with pride! The Fraternity released this message to our membership:

Celebrate International Badge Day March 3

Show Your Greek Pride!

Elkridge,Md. - Phi Sigma Sigma invites collegiate and alumnae members alike to celebrate International Badge Day by wearing their Sphinxhead badges with pride on Monday, March 3.

The Sphinxhead binds us all to Phi Sigma Sigma and the entire Greek community, including the 25 other member organizations of the National Panhellenic Conference (NPC), which sponsors International Badge Day each year.

"This is a great way to promote Greek sisterhood and the pursuit of professional and personal excellence among women," said Josette George Kaufman, Phi Sigma Sigma's NPC delegate and a past grand archon. "Thousands of women worldwide will be showing their Greek pride by wearing their badges, and we encourage everyone to participate."

This year's theme is "Wear Your Badge with Pride." A commemorative poster can be downloaded here.

The National Panhellenic Conference provides support and guidance for member inter/national sororities/women's fraternities and serves as the national voice on contemporary issues of sorority life. Founded in 1902, NPC is one of the oldest and largest women's membership organizations, representing more than 3.9 million women at 655 college/university campuses and 4,500 local alumnae chapters in the United States and Canada.

Newark Leadership Conference Photos!