Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Phi Sig Sapphire Eyes are Watching!

Don’t look now. But those sapphire eyes are still on us.

With eternal vigilance, the Great Sphinx which has peered into our shared past continues to watch closely as Phi Sigma Sigma approaches the occasion of its 98th Founders’ Day!

What does Ol’ Blue Eyes see today?

A growing family of extraordinary women devoted to one another and the world beyond ... more than 100 chapters and 60,000 sisters living out the values our founders first envisioned at Hunter College ... women who are changing the world through sisterly devotion, excellence in scholarship, a thirst for leadership and achievement, and a passion for philanthropic outreach to a world in need.

It’s what I hope you see, too!

As we anticipate this year’s November 26 celebration, please join mein supporting the 5th annual Founders’ Day Campaign with a gift of $19.13 or more. Every dollar you send supports the Foundation’s mission to enrich the lives of sisters and our communities by providing more and better opportunities for learning and service each year.

Looking forward to our historic 100th anniversary in 2013, three objectives stand out:

  • award $100,000 in scholarships and need-based educational grants
  • help those with kidney disease and explore adding other philanthropic partners
  • substantially increase our investment in developing women leaders and strengthening our chapters.
We’ve set a special goal to increase participation among your chapter sisters by 15% this year. Be the first to help make it happen!  Those sapphire eyes are on YOU. Thank you!

Most gratefully and loyally yours,

Katie Herschede
Gamma Tau ‘04, Northern Kentucky University
Foundation President

Click here to join the 2011 Founders’ Day Campaign!

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