Friday, August 13, 2010

A Phi Sig living donor story: Gretchen Ehle's experience at the Games

By Gretchen Ehle
Games Athlete (Living Donor) and Sister of Kappa Chapter - The George Washington University

Gretchen Ehle
HELLO TO ALL MY PHI SIG SISTERS! I attended this year’s Transplant Games as a proud member of both Phi Sigma Sigma and Team Nation’s Capital.

This was my second time attending the Games - and it was, again, fantastic, though different than Pittsburgh. This year, they allowed living donors to participate in a couple of events. (I donated a kidney to my dad - and the Games have been an important part of our lives ever since, though he couldn't attend this time.) It’s been awhile since I’ve run a 100-yard dash or done a long jump, but I do play in 3 softball leagues, and so that softball toss was right up my alley, I was sure to win a medal! Or so I thought! ... Turns out, I was beat by 4 people who were, let’s say, decades older than me. That’s OK! More motivation to train and try harder next year!

Allowing the living donors to participate this year was a great experience, because it made us feel more a part of the "team" – and we’re hoping that in 2 years (wherever the Games may be) we will be allowed to participate in more events! I’m hoping for ballroom dancing, and my dad and me getting down to "The Hustle!" 

Gretchen at the Opening Ceremony
with Team Nation's Capital
I’m always truly inspired at the Games, and this year I had the pleasure of being on Team Nation’s Capital with 2 amazing individuals who were anonymous donors. Transplantation has come so far over the past several years, but what has really developed is the heightened awareness of those living on transplant lists, and more importantly the altruistic nature of Americans in anonymously donating.  I am continually inspired by the stories that I hear and that are shared at the Games, and I can’t wait to attend with my Phi Sig sisters in 2 years (hopefully we will know soon where the games will be!).

With all my love,


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