Tuesday, August 10, 2010

THANK YOU to all my Phi Sig sisters for volunteering and making this such a great experience...

By Missy Spishak
Transplant Games Coordinator
Zeta Kappa - University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown

OK, PHI SIGS: As we wrap up another successful Games season and our blogging efforts, I WANT TO THANK EVERY SINGLE SISTER who donated her time to the Games! 

Many traveled far to volunteer (nearly coast to coast), and everyone gave a tremendous amount of time and energy to make this a wonderful event for the athletes, their families and the donor families.

We even had some guests who worked extremely hard at the Games alongside the sisters! Special thanks to our guys Jon Barrows and Steve Roberts, and also to Shannon Salisbury who took the road trip with Danni Pascuma to attend.

I also have to thank the amazing committee who helped pull off organizing our 80+ volunteers and keeping me well-caffeinated throughout the weekend (see me with Starbucks in most pictures). Thanks to Jessie Stapleton, Gretchen Ehle, Tara Ervin, Jess Berner and Kelly Chirumbolo, and also special thanks to Foundation President Katie Herschede, Vice President Marianne Cohen and Director Pam Downey (also our GA!) who pitched in just as hard as everyone else to make this a huge success.

Additionally, thanks to the NKF staff for working with us the entire weekend, and to the Hilton staff (including our favorite guy, Dave, who could be found carrying box after box to the Foundation suite). Thanks, too, to Grand Vice Archon Alicia Scott for baking some awesome cookies and having them shipped in the Dora the Explorer pull-ups box. They were definitely yummy! And let's not forget our sister Lisa Romero for helping to bring our voices from the Games to you via this blogging channel.

Every single person who pitched in was appreciated, and I hope everyone had an incredible, life-changing experience! See you in two years - destination still to be determined, but we will let you know ASAP!

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Jim Gleason said...

Ladies, you were all AWESOME! Every place I turned, there were members of your team running off or coming back from some supporting activity.

From this heart recipient (on behalf of everyone there at the Games) "Thank you!" for all your support. I can only dream of what impact there would be on organ donation if other groups such as yours took on this wonderful life saving cause.

Keep up the great work and see you again in 2012 somewhere at the next Games.

- Jim Gleason
Heart transplant 10/19/94 and US Games athlete