Friday, August 20, 2010

Thank you, Foundation donors! From our Transplant Games volunteers...

WHILE AT THE GAMES, WE ASKED SISTERS TO TAKE A FEW MOMENTS to share some of their observations about the event on notecards to Foundation donors. Having had a chance to review them, here are some of our favorites:

This was my first year volunteering for the National Kidney Foundation’s Transplant Games. I didn’t know what I would find when I got here, but the people I met and the stories I’ve heard will stay with me for the rest of my life. I feel truly blessed to be a part of this experience and to donate my time to something as amazing as the Transplant Games. I hope to be able to volunteer for this event again in the future.
     ~ Nicole M. Trombley, Collegiate Volunteer, Epsilon Beta Chapter at Ferris State University

Thank you for your donations! Being at the Transplant Games has been life-changing, and your donations helped make the event possible. I was able to connect with a transplant recipient at the swimming event. During the Opening Ceremony, I saw how far and wide the effects of organ donations and transplants really are. I hope that I will be able to spread the word and encourage others to learn about all the things that the NKF and Phi Sigma Sigma Foundation do. Thank you so much for making this possible.
     ~ Shannon Walsh, Collegiate Volunteer, Iota Zeta Chapter at University of Minnesota - Duluth

For me, being able to travel to Wisconsin to show my support for the National Kidney Foundation has truly been life-altering. I have met some of the most amazing people here and have shared in an experience that is unique. Remembering these individual stories still gives me chills, and I feel so blessed to be here and to be able to go back home to Kentucky to share what I’ve learned. I love what this has done for me! This is one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I am so proud Phi Sig brought me to share this experience…. My chapter will get to share in my knowledge. Thank you!
     ~ Rebecca Peak, Collegiate Volunteer, Gamma Tau Chapter at Northern Kentucky University

Your donation not only helped the athletes competing, but helped me personally make the realization that in everyday life, so many people have had transplants. It was such an eye-opener today, seeing athletes compete at a level that I didn’t realize transplant recipients could. They may be different on the inside, but they are all like me on the outside. Thank you so much! 
     ~ Anonymous Collegiate Volunteer, Iota Zeta Chapter at University of Minnesota - Duluth

This is the second time I have volunteered to help with the Transplant Games, and it is something I would love to continue doing even after I finish college. The stories that have been shared with me truly show why we (Phi Sig) do what we do, and it helps to put things in perspective. I consider myself very lucky and privileged to have been a part of this. It was truly a blessed experience.
     ~ Megan Wiggins, Collegiate Volunteer, Gamma Tau Chapter at Northern Kentucky University

Thank you so much! The Transplant Games have been a wonderful experience for me and my sisters. I am incredibly lucky that I have had the opportunity to come and help out. I felt like the donors and recipients really made this event magical! I hope I am able to come to more Games in the future.
     ~ Anonymous Collegiate Volunteer

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